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Hello and welcome to my blog where you will find chroicled my slow descent into Insanity!


Do you know? – Cleaning is a very strange thing. I absolutely hate the thought of it. My house is as messy as they come and you definitely don’t want to inspect the crevices. I will put off cleaning until the cows come home if I can. It actually takes a fairly major event, such as a visit from the Health Visitor or (more importantly) my dear Mum, to get me scrubbing those counters and sorting out the wrappers that I’ve been conveniently stuffing behind a pot on the mantelpiece. I’d much rather be trawling the internet or reading a good book.
I think one of the biggest issues I have, is the temporary nature of cleanliness. I spend ages getting my house to a passable state (if you don’t look too closely). I stand back to admire the view, and then it feels like 30 minutes later, it’s all starting to come tiptoeing back – like a teenager who’s missed their curfew. I often wonder if our children and cats are actually spreading mud as they travel the house ( In a fit of laziness I’ve even called in the professionals, Stain Tech carpet cleaning 01934 235355 before). Only they probably are, come to think of it. I certainly find that each child will follow behind my tidying, getting everything out again the moment I’ve packed it away. I don’t blame the baby, he’s not quite 1, but the 4 year old is another story….
I also find that when I go to other people’s houses, there are a few like ours and lots of middling ones, but a surprising amount of houses that are so clean that I can’t believe anyone actually lives there. And these are houses where small children live too. What do they do? How do they keep this clean? Do they pack the children away in small, perfectly clean boxes for the day? Are they people who just don’t shed hairs? Or do they spend their entire lives cleaning?
The strange things is, though, that as much as I hate the idea of cleaning, once I start I actually quite enjoy it and often clean far more than I had originally intended. It’s as if I suddenly get hit by the magic cleaning fairy wand and it takes over. I suspect though, that it is caused by the fact that cleaning will often get me a few hours respite from being ‘Mum’.